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Our most important task is to make sure that your IT systems work FOR your employees - not against them.


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Job at M Solutions

At M Solutions we know that satisfied customers and happy employees are inextricably linked, and that's why we constantly do our best to create the optimal environment for our employees. One of our focus points is flexibility.

To a wide extent our employees can plan their own work, and it is a clear policy that everyone controls their own working hours and time off.

A workplace characterized by flexibility and trust creates happy and flexible employees. The joy of going to work is really important, as our employees are the ones putting our clients' strategies into practice and ensure that their IT solution works optimally - every day!

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We often reply to emails outside of office hours.

How much can you save?

How many hours do your employees waste in a week? Let us optimize your IT-systems to minimize time wasted and make everyday worklife easier for your employees.

We are not afraid to promise that our work will pay for itself several times over in saved work hours.

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