CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Know your customer

CRM = Customer Relationship Management

CRM is an important tool to strengthen your business and make your employees’ everyday tasks a lot easier. And at the same time it helps your customers.

CRM is about getting to know your customers across channels so your employees can give them the best customer service and upsell relevant products to them. It is also a very powerful strategic tool.

Use CRM to:
Increase sales
Retain customers
Strengthen strategic decision processes

Customer interaction

Today there are a lot of different ways for a company and its customers to communicate, and this easily fragments the knowledge gathered about the customer.

By gathering information about the customers across for example website, social media, phone, e-mail etc. you will gain knowledge about each customers' purchasing habits, wants, experienced problems etc. - and you can use this knowledge in several ways.

When a customer contacts you your employees can instantly see the entire history of that specific customer and give the best service based on this.

It also creates a picture of your customers in general; which things they are happy or disgruntled with, which marketing gives the best results, trends in the market etc. - knowledge that can be used strategicly for both sales, service and marketing.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management