Data integration / systems integration

How many systems ... your employees have to know?

Most companies have different systems for different tasks. Usually there is a system for accounting, one for the webshop, one for the sales people to keep track of customers and calls, a mail program, a shared drive to make files accessible for others, maybe a customer relations system for customer service etc.

Each system solves a certain line of tasks that we need. But having so many systems means that data is divided here and there - and that can make the chase for information really cumbersome. It also means that every employee has to familiarize themselves with several different systems with different screen setups and different logic, and often the same data has to be entered into several different systems.

This is much more time consuming and prone to human error than it has to be.



Different IT systems

1 tool strategy

Help your employees by making sure they can do their job using just one simple system rather than having to work in a long line of different systems.

Systems integration

The smarter system

We will integrate your systems so they can communicate and share data, and so your employees can focus on a single system that can do all they need.

We will also simplify the screen setups so your employees will only see the fields and functions they actually need. This reduces the error margin drastically and makes it easier and faster to do their job.

It doesn't get any easier than this...